What’s Good about Food

I was listening to an old Adam Carolla Podcast today and Adam went on one of his typical rants, this time mostly about food — trail mix and donuts, in particular.

To summarize, the conclusions of the mostly one-way conversation went something like this: Nobody likes trail mix, and people just end up picking the good stuff out of it (the chocolate candies are always the first to go), and actually, this surprised me, CAKE donuts are better than the crusty glazed kind! Who knew? Did you know? Apparently people really like to dunk them in coffee, or milk, or whatever. I hate to disagree, but I leave the cake donuts for my dad. The nasty artificial pink kind is my favorite, and — get this — even my HUSBAND knows that. I’ve been a strawberry-frosted kind of girl since I was 13.

Amazing Food

So anyways, I was inspired to write by this idea that certain foods are just good. Throw out all the stuff about organic, humanely raised, artisanally crafted, whatever. Just for a minute. EAT with your fork instead of voting with it, for right now only if you must. (Which is not to say that Whole Foods doesn’t have deliciously tempting foods, too; their hot-food counter always smells way too good to be good for you. But play along with me here for the sake of normalcy.)What’s good? I’d venture to argue that a big fat bagel (toasted) from an authentic Jewish deli is good, with a healthy serving of their own cream cheese, together all melted on the top, crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside. I can say this because I had one last week.

I’m also seriously convinced that Rachel Zoe’s salami is as lip-smackingly good as they say (don’t bother, I Googled it, and there is no recipe), so I’m going to try making it, maybe tonight. I think it’s just a short, fat salami cut into slices but not all the way through, slathered with orange marmalade and baked in the oven until a little black and crispy on top. Sounds gross and looks even more disgusting to prepare, but they called it crack. Any cured meat that is referred to as an illegal substance you can pretty much guarantee I’m going to try, and it will be good.

What else is good? I’ll go out on another limb here to say that pudding is good. Any kind of pudding, whatever you fancy. I know some of you don’t like the banana kind, which I’m sort of jonesing for, but how about some good old-fashioned pudding and Nilla wafers for dessert tonight? Quick, easy, and my son has never had pudding before. This will be epic.

Good, good, what else is good…Okay, so as not to be totally prejudiced, some good-for-you things are good, too. Broccoli slathered with garlic butter at this pub in my neighborhood that even my one-year-old will scarf down. Homemade soup and a good root vegetable puree. Cold, crisp, crunchy baby carrots with something delicious to dip them in. Crunch, crunch away, my friend. (Just don’t do it around people like me who hate people who chew really loudly, unless you’re eating at the same time and the TV is on. Really loud.)I may just be writing all of this because I’m really, really hungry right now, but the frankness of Carolla’s discourse convinced me whole-heartedly that sometimes there is no arguing whether something is tasty and delicious, no matter where it came from, how much it cost, who handed it to you or what it’s wrapped in. And yes, I know, not everyone likes cake donuts, or chocolate candies, or smoked almonds. But come on. Tacos are good. Shoestring French fries, even right out of your very own oven, are really freaking good with a little ketchup to dip in.

You can’t argue with good.

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