And the week winds down

So yesterday my child behaved and we were able to make a quick morning trip for some staples, which leaves us with $20 for takeout tomorrow night (it will probably come in under $15). At first I was thinking I should involve the hubs in what exactly we do with the leftover cash (“don’t spend it all in one place” comes to mind), but then I remembered…our week doesn’t end until Monday! Why do I always forget Saturday/Sunday? We are out of bread right now, and eggs would come in oh-so-handy, but we’ll have to see how much money is really left over after today and I’ll try my best to not break down and buy conventional eggs or white bread. I hate that they’re so much cheaper.

Here’s what I picked up for $14 yesterday:

Guava jam, sweetened only with fruit juice (holy MOLY it’s delicious — if any of you are from or have ever been to South Florida and have tasted Cuban pastries, this guava delicacy reminds me of the pastelitos from Publix!)

Guava Jam

Rice vinegar, one of the only kinds without sulfites or artificial coloring

Three bananas, because my son spotted them by the maple syrup (which did not go on sale with the weekly transition of prices, boo)

Two tomatoes for our last salad of the week

Another container of blue cheese (somehow, with the addition of blue cheese, I actually look FORWARD to our salad at the end of the day instead of being bored by it!)

It always seems so little when I see what we spend on the blog rather than on the receipt…sigh. It’s like sticker shock. I wonder if I’ll ever get over that.

On the bright side, since the week is about to wrap up, I’m already looking forward to next week. What will be on sale? What will we get to eat?

I’ve been craving a steak since watching Hell’s Kitchen, but I’m so afraid to eat grass-fed beef again, even if it’s from Whole Foods. That experience with the skirt steak from the farmer’s market was so nasty. Maybe my palate would get used to it, but spending extra for something no one but the baby liked seems a little foolish right now, yet I refuse to buy regular meat from our local market. I guess we should expand, and try another butcher. So many shoulds, to-dos, have-tos…someone, please remind me that it’s Friday and I should be happy?

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