Who I am

The way to a healthy and a fit lifestyle is to start with a good fitness regime. It is truly acceptable that a mom’s first preference will be her kids and family. But it is high time we realize that a family’s backbone and strength is the woman of the house. Only if she is fit and fine can she maintain and safeguard our beloved family. While that seems a bit old school, I believe that it is possible!

Exercising every day might seem an unnecessary task at a point of time when we are healthy, but when our health starts deteriorating, it is at that juncture that we would realize our mistake in not being fit.

It is better late than never, so it is always better to give a healthy start to our life to revive our energetic life. If not for our own good, at least for the good of our family and its long-term benefits, we are to keep ourselves fit and lead a happy life forever with our beloved family. Fitness does not give you just physical health but also good mental health. If a woman’s mind is healthy, the whole family is happy. So wake up and work hard to achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle.